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I am little.B...

...Well I am the original little.B!

I was born in Autumn 2016 and my mum decided to have some time off to look after me and enjoy our life together.

As every new mum, she was looking for some nice nursery decoration but couldn't find any mobile that she really liked for her little boy.... and so with time on her hand and some crafty ideas, she decided to make one herself. 

After all, my mum had a background in art, fashion & design and use to make a lot of things herself before.

After a few weeks, my first mobile was dangling from the ceiling with all its blue birds, stripy boats and floating stars.

Soon though, a friend asked for one for her baby... and then another friend and after friends of friends of friends and many mobiles later made of cranes, windmills and boats, my mum decided that maybe there was a story to share as it seems that many people liked simple origami shapes in beautiful colours and natural wood.

And so two seasons later, in Spring 2017, little.B

is born again but this time out of origami shapes, a lot of hard work and of course "Love"  but this time for little squares of papers.